Thursday, May 8, 2008

No gasin' and boozin' in West Covina

In a complete surprise turn of events, the City Council shot down a proposal to repeal an ordinance that prohibits the sale of alcohol at gas stations.

What? The City Council listened to the residents for once?

I know. I was shocked, too.

Councilman Mike Touhey requested the proposal the same night his client, McIntyre Companies, won approval to build a brand-new gas station. After hearing a bunch of people speak against it, four members of the City Council rejected it at a special meeting, to which Touhey did not attend.

Oh my, my, my. Is there a breaking in the ranks? I seriously doubt it. I just figured the three members of the council who always seem to sway Touhey's way finally realized that VOTERS put them in office in the first place.

Good job thinking for yourselves, guys. I hope it didn't hurt your head too much.


Anonymous said...

What the hell? My last comment was posted. Censorship? Or bad typing and entering skills on my part???

West Covina Watcher said...

bad typing and entering skills on your part. Sorry. I don't believe in censorship and will never exercise it on this blog. I'll leave censorship up to the Republicans.

Dalila said...

Well said.