Friday, October 24, 2008


Before I go into the diatribe about what the heck I found in my inbox, I'm just going to say I had a fantastic vacation -- family, foliage, football and Philly Cheeseteaks! Though it's nice to visit back East, I'm glad to be home. Man, those Phillies fans are outta control! I wore my LA Dodger cap and you'd think I was a serial rapist who targets deaf mutes!

Anyway... let's get on with it.

Shelley Sanderson in a sex tape?!?! WTF???? You know, I made it a point to leave alone the Internets when I want on vacation. Actually, it was my wife who kind of gave me this silly little ultimatum, "If you type in 'www' into anything on this vacation, I'm going to dress you up in Dodger Blue and handcuff you to the Broad Street Line." I will NEVER forgive her.

Seriously, my jaw couldn't hit the ground any harder. In case you missed it, or were too lazy to click on the above link, some woman named Charlynda Lamb was busted for "stalking" my girl, Shelley. Apparently, this Lamb woman posted a sex tape that purportedly shows Shelley doin' some naughty stuff and then making threatening phone calls to the councilwoman.

I'm going to play if it's true:

If it's true ... Why would anyone with political aspirations be so stupid?
If it's true ... Why would anyone with four kids, some of whom are probably old enough to use the Internets, be so stupid?
If it's true ... Why did I find out about this AFTER it was taken DOWN from the Internets???
If it's true ... All she needs is a DUI arrest and we have our own little celebrity!

Good god! Now, according to the story, the police say it was not Mrs. Sanderson on the tape, even though Mrs. Sanderson didn't really deny it herself.

Now, because I don't know if it's her or not, I'm just going to go ahead and assume it's not. Still, why would this Charlynda Lamb be stalking Mrs. Sanderson? The woman doesn't even live near West Covina, even though Mrs. Sanderson recalls meeting her -- though she doesn't know where or when, which I find a little odd. If someone was threatening me, I'd wrack my brain trying to figure it out so I can start connecting some dots. But that's just me.

And seriously, google this woman's name and you'll see she calls herself a "model."

OK, then. I had myself, sent Ms. Lamb an email, hoping to get a clue as to "Why?" If she writes back, I'll be sure to let you know about it. And, if you happen to know where this tape is, please let me know so I could settle this nonsense ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Thanks, readers. It's so good to be back.


Anonymous said...

Shelley Sanderson is a swinger and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

Since the Tribune has not printed my letter yet I will post it here for clarification.

(Written and submitted to the Tribune)
This letter is in response to an October 13, 2008 article, entitled, " Woman pleads to `disturbing' councilwoman". The article was unfortunately incomplete. My comments at that time had to be limited and perhaps misinterpreted. The caution and limitation was due to the fact there is additional and anticipated criminal/civil cases beyond the telephone stalking conviction against the individual who has been harassing me.

I have been advised that I can offer the following statement.

The individual that had been harassing me threatened me over the telephone calling nine times in one day and later posted a false defamatory video claiming it was me. This same individual has a prior Felony Conviction and that fact made me even more concerned for my family and our safety.

She wrongfully claimed that I was involved in this vile Internet posting. She was trying to defame my reputation as a City Council Member and further hurt my family. Her actions may bring additional charges. I do have a current restraining order against her.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I had nothing to do with the making of that video. The image shown was not me. In fact, I had no idea it existed until I was so informed by the Police Department.

I take this type of slanderous behavior very seriously and will do what it takes to seek justice.

Shelley Sanderson
West Covina City Council

West Covina Watcher said...

You Go Girl!