Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm all kinds of confused

On Tuesday night, the City Council voted 3-1 to let the towing contract go out to bid. I'm all for the bidding process, but apparently, the towers, Royal Coaches, were offering to put ADDITIONAL money in the city coffers -- an additional $120,000 annually.

Wait, let us rewind for second. The council gave Athens (trash) a very nice extension with no bids and it didn't have half the public support Royal Coaches did. Plus, Athens didn't offer $120,000 additional dollars to the city coffers, except it's just taking money from taxpayers and basically doing less work.

Can someone please tell me what the thinking was here? I'm all for being fair, but if the Royal Coaches contract is going out for bid, I argue EVERY SINGLE contract in the city (including Athens) should also go out for bid when their time is up.

Fair's fair.

Plus, I got some news that my girl, Shelley wasn't there Tuesday. She's missed a few meetings these past few months, which is not at all like her. I hope everything's OK with you, Mrs. Sanderson.

(Maybe, though, she's the only smart one in the bunch and is gearing up NOT to run in the 2009 election. I wouldn't sit on that council if you paid me.)


Anonymous said...

Royal Coaches has 2 tow contact, one for the north side of WC and one for the south. The contacts have an options for a 5 year extension, and expire in April and May 2009. RC asked the city to give them the 5 year extension in August 2008 and offered to began paying $10,000 a month more than the amount under the existing contract. Police Chief Wills said he had not received one complaint about RC which has never happened before, and he recommended the extension. The City kind of did a favor for RC by refusing it's offer because RC saved $90,000 that they would have paid to WC between August 2008 (when the offer was made)and May 2009 when the existing contracts ends. (Or maybe more since the bid process will take a couple of months so new contacts might not be in place until sometime after April/May)

West Covina Watcher said...

Wow! I had no idea. Wait... so the people really losing out on this deal is the West Covina taxpayer?


My head hurts just thinking about it.