Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NEWSFLASH: All 5 Councilmembers agree on something

And that something is ....

Judy Chu for Congress!

Why? Probably because she was once an assemblymember, the other only serious candidate is State Sen. "One Bill" Gil Cedillo, who is, frankly, a carpetbagger. His current district includes Los Angeles, Alhambra, Maywood, San Marino, Vernon, and South Pasadena. How far west are those from West Covina, Covina and Baldwin Park? Some say the seat is tailor-made for him. Some believe the seat should go to a Latino, but what would probably be a better idea is a Latino who actually LIVES in the San Gabriel Valley and hasn't spent his/her entire career on a school or water board. While both are important posts to have, I don't think it trains you well for the rigors of Congress. Municipal or State elected officials would probably fair better in the Beltway.

Judy Chu is from Monterey Park. She was on City Council, in the Assembly and now the State Board of Equilization.

Funny thing, though...

Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano and Irwindale Councilman Larry Burrola are endorsing both candidates.


What's the point of offering an endorsement when you're endorsing both candidates. That's just dumb, a purely wussy move because it's obvious they don't want to piss anyone off.

Another thing our five illustrious leaders probably agree on?

We're all f*&@ed!

According to the guy who should be the suing the feds and state for making his life a living hell, Finance Director Thomas Bachman, "The sales tax shortfall and other revenue decreases will increase the current year General Fund deficit to almost $3.9 million." Man, that's a lot of scratch.

How do we close that gap? Anyone? Well, we're spending $1.3 million annually on Big League Nightmare, but it's here and there's not much we can do about that. Can a city take donations? How about **drumroll, please**


Yes, yes, yes! Man, that would be awesome. If people are willing to watch a couple of morons raise 18 damn kids, I'm sure people would watch five morons* raise $3.9 million in deficits. I would totally watch it. And they should have a camera in closed session, too. I'm sure it can be edited to leave out sensitive information, but the camera can catch all the drama. Maybe the crew can instigate a fight between Hernandez and Herfert!

Oh, and one of those confession cams for the staff. To think the juicy things they would tell America. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

What about you, readers? What would you like to see on this TV show?

*No, Mrs. Sanderson, I'm not calling you a moron, I just couldn't think of better wordplay.

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