Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh, Moe!

How does a chimp have so much power that he's making headlines when he's not even around?

I don't know Moe, never met his human parents, LaDonna and St. James Davis, but I read with much shock and horror as I learned Mr. Davis got mauled by a couple of chimps when he visited Moe on his birthday in some animal haven near Bakersfield.

I didn't think that man would make it through the night. Then a few months later I saw him at El Torito. He didn't have a nose, he was missing an eye and he was in a wheelchair, but other than that he seemed he was enjoying his Sunday brunch.

The Moe "saga" (as the local paper likes to call it) is still going strong in West Covina. Last I heard was the city and the Davises are still duking it out in court over who should be paying for Moe's housing. The Davises sued the city after the police department took Moe away in A-Team fashion after the city passed an ordinance prohibiting the housing of wild animals within the city limits. He was then supposed to be housed somewhere in Baldwin Park but none of the officials -- except for their then-City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman-- knew about it. Did I mention he was also West Covina's attorney at the same time, too? Oh yeah. This guy is the KING OF CONFLICT. Not surprisingly, he no longer worked for Baldwin Park soon after that. I think he might have been fired, but I don't know for sure.

After reading some past entries in the Foothill Cities Blog, I learned he reads it, doesn't like it, and even threatened to sue! Now I'm wondering if he read this little blog since our friends at FC gave us a shout out. If so, welcome, Mr. Glasman, and feel free to leave a comment.

Speaking of comments, I'm getting a ton of great emails from readers. Thank you so much for your support. But please, don't be afraid to post a comment or two.

And here's to Moe: Cheers. It wouldn't be West Covina if we didn't hear about you once in a while.

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