Monday, June 16, 2008

When pettiness rears its ugly head

This Saturday I watched the City Council meeting. I couldn't do it Tuesday because along with rushing to the polls before 8, I had -- let's say -- a germ-magnetic child situation. Obviously, Councilman Hernandez was not there due to his father's ailment. As a good friend should, Human Resources Commissioner Fred Sykes went to the podium and let the community know he was out due to the health of Mr. Rogelio Hernandez Sr.

Instead of a nice word, a "get well soon," or anything of that nature, all anyone on that dais had to say was "Can we state for the record it's not Councilmember Hernandez, but a family member?" And that was stated by -- you guessed it -- the council member with a heart of gold, Steve Herfert. But that's not what is most disturbing for me. What is more disturbing is that a source who was in the audience told me Herfert had a smirk on his face the whole time. Another had sent me an email and said while some members of city staff attended the wake and/or funeral, Mr. Herfert and Ms. Shelley Sanderson were no-shows at both while Councilman Mike Touhey and Mayor Sherri Lane were not only there, but very, very classy and heartfelt in offering their condolences. Touhey and Hernandez even hugged! I would have paid a million bucks to see that.

I only bring this up because not long ago, Herfert had this whole diatribe about how when horrible things happen, it makes all the bickering and infighting on the dais seem so petty and trivial.

Yeah. Way to NOT be petty, Steve.

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