Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh, Moe!

Looks like Moe high-tailed it out of his home in Devore.

If you live in West Covina, and you don't know about Moe the Chimp, you haven't been paying attention these last 30 years or so.

Well, LaDonna and the badly mauled St. James Davis have been wanting Moe free for years. Now that he is, I wonder if they preferred him caged where they could regularly visit him?

Since Moe doesn't have any in-the-wild experience, I'm sure the Davises are desperate to find him. Unfortunately, I think finding the simian will be tough in the forest, but the best of luck to Moe and his human parents. Hopefully, the Davises don't file yet another lawsuit against the city for the latest chapter in the Moe Saga.

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