Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't F with Da Police!

It looks like taking a baton from a WCPD Officer will get you dead. As it should.

What are you, crazy? Probably. It's unfortunate, but it seems to me that the man killed at the Target near Big League Dreams was probably extremely mentally ill. When you're an officer on the beat, your first priority is to protect yourself and the people around you. You don't really have time to assess someone's mental capabilities, especially when you're being attacked.

With that being said, I strongly recommend people do what they can to help those with mental illnesses. People like Anthony Ayers, a classically trained musician who had to drop out of Julliard and sleep on the streets because the voices in his head wouldn't stop.

I'm also reminded of John Robert Graham, who lived on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles because he, too, couldn't come to terms with his mental illness. A person, or people, didn't see him as human, and lit him on fire. He burned to death.

I remember John from the days I used to take the bus EVERYWHERE, stopping at Mid-Wilshire to get something to eat. I saw him almost everyday, piercing blue eyes beaming through a jungle of a wild beard, dreadlocks and dirt. He never asked me for money, but I'd occasionally hand some over.

That's why I think it's important for people to recognize how devastating mental illness is, and to also find ways to help those suffering from it. I encourage everyone to go to the National Association of Mental Illness website and educate yourself on the diseases that could be a lot closer than you think.


Tonight's the night Mayor Pro Tem Hernandez is to be Mayor after being skipped over twice before 'cause he couldn't make nice with his colleagues and they made up some bullshit excuse to keep him from the gavel. Will they do it again tonight? I guess we'll see, though I doubt they will. I'm hearing from several readers that doing so would be a huge embarrassment to them because they gave him his WORD they wouldn't do it again. I'm on pins and needles. All I know is that if it does happen, I want to go to THAT party. Oughta be fun!

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