Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A message from Shelley

To be perfectly honest, readers, I haven't logged on to the blog in a few days. When I posted my last message about voting, I noticed I had a message underneath my post about Shelley Sanderson, by Shelley Sanderson.

Obviously upset with the Tribune, she decided to post her letter here, and because I'm stoked that she did it here and you all know how much I like her (even though I constantly disagree with her) I'm going to post it again.

Take it away, Shelley:

(Written and submitted to the Tribune)
This letter is in response to an October 13, 2008 article, entitled, " Woman pleads to `disturbing' councilwoman". The article was unfortunately incomplete. My comments at that time had to be limited and perhaps misinterpreted. The caution and limitation was due to the fact there is additional and anticipated criminal/civil cases beyond the telephone stalking conviction against the individual who has been harassing me.

I have been advised that I can offer the following statement.

The individual that had been harassing me threatened me over the telephone calling nine times in one day and later posted a false defamatory video claiming it was me. This same individual has a prior Felony Conviction and that fact made me even more concerned for my family and our safety.

She wrongfully claimed that I was involved in this vile Internet posting. She was trying to defame my reputation as a City Council Member and further hurt my family. Her actions may bring additional charges. I do have a current restraining order against her.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I had nothing to do with the making of that video. The image shown was not me. In fact, I had no idea it existed until I was so informed by the Police Department.

I take this type of slanderous behavior very seriously and will do what it takes to seek justice.

Shelley Sanderson
West Covina City Council

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