Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Average Joe...

Since my post yesterday, I've been receiving lots of emails from readers really upset about the City Council's decision to pull the plug on televised meetings. All alternatives offered to them were virtually ignored, including a very smart one to have volunteers work the booths. If the city can have volunteers directing traffic and giving parking tickets, getting some to push a couple buttons twice a month shouldn't be so hard.

I also got an email from a friend to read the Leftovers blog and a response to what I had posted by someone named Average Joe.

Average Joe said:

"West Covina Watcher also has some of the info but gives out always misinformation. Mt. Sac chargers the city according to the staff report Appox. $60,000.00 a year plus annual cost of living adjustments for there services to broadcast the meeting only they do not film the meeting or produce it. So that leaves $120,000.00 a year for the 2 Prod Asst. that are city employees one at 42,900.00 Salary plus benefits of $17,754.00 thats health, dental, optical and retirement. The second Prod Asst. $42,268.00 Salary plus benefits of $18,193.00 thats health, dental, optical and retirement. That totals the $180,000.00 Appox. for the cable broadcast. West Covina Watcher I thought you state in your bio that you work for a college what is your salary and benefit the taxpayer pays for you. When government tells you there cost in this case they were telling you both salary and benefits. You took that total and acted like they each make $90,000.00 a year! Come on West Covina Watcher the facts just the facts!"

I don't know who Average Joe is, but he's not really great with the reading and comprehension. I don't work for a college, in fact I'm an HR director for a medium-sized private business, but whatever. I did mention once that my wife works at a university as a researcher/instructor. A private university, so I don't know if the taxpayer pays her salary either.

Also, I don't think Average Joe quite grasps the concept of punctuation. If he had read more closely, he would have seen that I asked if the two guys made $90 Gs a year, hence the question mark. See what happens when emotional people post? That's why you never should blog angry-- you blog smugly. Like me :-)

Oh, and thank you to someone called The Commish, who told me:

"Shelley Sanderson was wearing an orange blazer and you're a perv. Plus, why didn't you mention the real news of the night? The council approved the overhaul of Orangewood Park for soccer fields. We don't have the money, but I'm sure we'll find a way."

Yeah, wishful thinking, Commish. Keep on dreamin'.

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