Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tonight's the Night

Dear Watcher Readers,

Tonight is the night I urge you to go to City Hall if you disagree with the Council's decision to cease broadcasting of the City Council Meetings. People have been signing petitions, talking to each other and writing letters to the editor in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. In fact, the paper's editorial board came on the side of the people and is urging the Council members to rethink their decision.

You know what I like about the Council, especially Councilman Mike Touhey, they always find a way to stick to a bad decision even if there's outrageous support against it. Not only that, whenever their reasoning to make these bad decisions is proved to be wrong or rectified, they find ANOTHER excuse.

This is one of my favorites: Mayor Pro Tem Roger Hernandez told the Tribune that there is a lot of fat in the budget that can be trimmed, such as an apparent do-nothing lobbyist, an alleged do-nothing public information officer, and -- of course-- the Herfert Herald, aka Discover West Covina.

Upon hearing that fat can be trimmed elsewhere, Touhey came out and argued only 33 percent of West Covina residents have cable access. Where was this argument before, when HE was Mayor, and HE had the "Mayor Show?" Now that his arch rival is set to be Mayor pretty soon, it's an issue? Oh brother, will the pissing contest between these two egomaniacs ever end?

The Watcher would love to be there, but I have to stay at home with the kiddies. Please let me know what happens, faithful readers.

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