Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Off the air

I'd like to first thank all of the loyal readers who wrote me with what occurred at the West Covina City Council meeting last night.

As I understand it, the conversation went quite a while but, as suspected, the Foursome said budget constraints are keeping them from bringing back the broadcasts, even though the odd man out suggested a slew of other trimming options, including lofty contracts with lobbyists and some marketing firm. Why is there a marketing firm when the city has a Public Information Officer? Why, Lord, must common sense flee from our elected leaders in such large numbers?

My favorite email came from reader who I only know as "True Patriot":

"As suspected, the four -- especially Mike Touhey -- played the Public Safety card all goddamn night. He must be a Republican, but instead of using the word "terrorist" to justify his actions, he uses the word "public safety." If we bring cable back we'll have to fire all our officers and kill your puppies. Even though his more thoughtful colleague found ways to cut, they still didn't go for it. He also said something like, 'If you have a heart attack, you won't be looking at cable TV,' which I thought was in extremely poor taste considering his colleague had just lost his father to a heart attack."

Another reader who calls him or herself SWV said:

"Oh that Touhey and his crocodile tears! He was "offended" that Hernandez suggested cutting the public info officer position. He was all choked up. He must be friends with that person or something. I mean, $100 grand they spend on him or her AND they contract with another marketing firm? Yeah... that makes sense."

Apparently the man of the hour was a resident named John Solis who suggested the city look into a grant he had found on the Internets. Shouldn't that be the first thing City Staff look into? How come the council didn't take into consideration other options that were apparently mentioned at the meeting. One reader told me someone suggested volunteers. The equipment's already there!

Hey, whatever happened to just taping the damn thing yourself and posting it on the Internet? Any idiot with a camera phone and a connection can do that. In fact, I employ you, readers, to tape the meetings, send me the digital file and I'll post it right here on this very blog. How much money is that gonna cost? A helluva lot less than the alleged $150-180 thousand.

Although my readers really came through for me today, I'm just a tad disappointed. What was Shelley Sanderson wearing? No one bothered to tell me. I heard that she wouldn't mind doing away with the Herfert Herald, aka Discover West Covina.

Oh, Mrs. Sanderson. I know she probably doesn't like me very much because I constantly disagree with her, but you know how when a hot chick hates you it makes her even hotter? Well, if you're a guy you'd understand...

That's all for today, dear friends. Please...give me your input.

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