Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Day in Blog City

If I were a Baldwin Park resident, I'd be writing about Councilman Anthony Bejarano's recent arrest for public intoxication.

But I don't, so I won't. But I do have an opinion: Do people even get arrested for that anymore? I've been publicly intoxicated more times than I can count and I've never been arrested for it.

Instead, I'm forced to blog about the City of West Covina's councilmembers fund raising efforts. Booooooo-ring.

"Why, Watcher, is it boring?" you may ask. "Isn't this your bread and butter?"

Well, yes it is, but to tell you the truth: This writing has been on the wall for over TWO YEARS and no one's done nothing. Yes, Bill McIntyre, his family and businesses are clients of Councilman Mike Touhey, and yes, McIntyre happily enjoys that position. He has gotten variance after variance for his projects, and in return, he piles on the cash to those who support those variances, which, I'm sure, make Mr. McIntyre a very rich man.

Oh, and there's Athens, which received an above-Consumer Price Index raise from the city, which is retroactive, and piled more and more money into those campaigns as well.

It's all very boring because it's been happening for ages, but when people turn on their faucet and water comes out, when a pothole is quickly filled, when the police and fire department come when called, most people could care less about back room deals and questionable contributions.

People in this country are apathetic and that's why we are facing the worst financial crisis in ages, because people don't pay a-fucking-ttention. If they did, they would have seen this crisis a mile away, but people at the wheel were blinded by dollar signs when things were good, and they were happy to feast on your apathy.

Now things are bad and people want heads to roll. You know what? You deserve it! Your heads were in the sand, you voted for George Bush because you wanted to have a beer with him.

And the same losers who support the whole Touhey Town philosophy are paying for it now and still don't see it! You know how much Big League Dreams is costing taxpayers annually? $1.3 million fucking dollars!!! And why, again, did we have to take a firefighter off a truck? I'm sure he/she makes less than that.

But no, your heads were in the sand and you were distracted by the shiny bobbles on top of BKK. You deserve it!

Your trash bill is higher than it has to be. But, oh well, keep your head in the sand.

People accuse me of being a Roger Hernandez supporter. I am. I am because his philosophy is the same as mine and his voting record proves it. He has consistently voted against projects I don't believe in, and for projects I do. To hide that record, his adversaries sit awake at night, twisting their mustaches and find new ways to sully his name to distract the REAL issues at hand. But guess what? I'm pretty sure the DA's office is getting sick and tired of being the go-to guy in these petty little disagreements.

The End.

Now... can anyone tell me what a D.B. is?

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