Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was great Moe-ing you

Well, like all great things, it looks like the Saga of Moe the Chimp has most likely come to a sad, sad end.

According to chimp experts, it is unlikely Moe, of West Covina, survived the three months he's been in the wild.

To think of all that chimp has done for our fair city. He likely caused our city attorney to lose his post in neighboring Baldwin Park after he pushed to keep Moe there after he was kicked out of here; he allegedly mauled the hand of one of our officers; he turned Vincent Avenue into a circus when his mauled owner, St. James Davis, came home from the hospital; his presence pushed our council to make it illegal to have exotic animals; he pushed our then-assemblyman, Ed Chavez, to pen a bill with a similar theme; and he gave something for the Tribune to write about almost every month for years and years.

I defy you to find a West Covina official, dead or alive, who has gotten more press coverage. I think Moe may have even beaten out former resident and admitted drug user Jason Giambi for that title. Cory Lidle crashed his plane into a building and still got less ink.

So, raise your glass up to Moe. He made me like every chimp I see, from Chimp-An-A to Chimp-An-Zee.


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