Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Not Sherri Lane?

It's not every day the Watcher allows national politics take center stage on Watching West Covina. I figure there's enough on the Internets, on TVs, mags and papers to do that. But I found a way to marry both national and local politics, thanks to Sen. John McCain. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't know how to do it. He did this by picking an inexperienced unknown woman as his running mate. So, if he's going to go the way of picking a woman whose been governor of a state with half the population of San Diego for less than two years, and the only office before that she held was mayor of a city with 9,000 people in it, then why didn't McCain pick our very own Mayor Sherri Lane?

  • Lane already has Palin beat! She's been on the City Council for more than two years and West Covina has -- as of 2006 -- about 107,000.
  • Lane doesn't have any kids to screw things up for her, like Palin's knocked-up, booze-lovin' 17-year-old hot mess of a daughter.
  • Lane has over two years' experience doing whatever her colleagues tell her to; she never falls out of line.
  • Think of how FUN the Senate meetings will be? She'll choose one senator to pick on all the time for speaking out of turn -- even when he/she doesn't-- while she lets all the others wail on him or her, regardless of relevance to the issue.
  • If McCain dies while in office (which is more likely than not considering he'll be closing in on 80 after his first term), Nancy Pelosi will be the nation's first female president, since Lane will probably run down the Beltway faster than a Jamaican sprinter.
By the way, do you think John McCain picked a female running mate to make his own history, or to make up for the fact he called his wife the 'C' word in front of a bunch of reporters who didn't report it? (if you don't know what the 'C' word is, it rhymes with 'hunt,' 'bunt,' and 'stunt.')

Remember how I said I like ironic humor? Here's one: that clip above is from a comedy troupe I heard of while watching Fox News. As soon as they started to make fun of McCain, they were cut off. Hilarious!

Does anyone have any other reasons why Mayor Sherri Lane will be a better VP than Sarah Palin?

For more Republican hypocrisy, check out the video below.

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