Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now I Have a Sweet Taste

I was annoyed earlier, but I got this e-mail from Dana Sykes, a community activist and wife to Human Resources Commissioner Fred Sykes:

I thought what Mayor Pro-tem Hernandez did was a nice pat on the back to the police and fire personnel and as well as a pat on the back for Touhey. When Bill was stricken ... Hernandez immediately called for emergency personnel and Touhey asked people to leave to
allow the emergency team to work. Roger stayed with Bill the whole time up to when they put him in the ambulance. Then he went to the hospital to check on him.

he did not have to include me in the posting, all I did was get the
number to notify the family. I have known the Schafers for a little over a year and know both Bill and his wife Izzy. They both are interested in what is happening in the city and are concerned about how our leaders are running it. They have a great family and I knew that they would want to be with Bill.

The entire City staff was wonderful through the entire emergency and
sent a car over to pick up Izzy and take her to the hospital. As Roger Hernandez stated, the City came together and helped when it was needed.

Now...that's class.

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