Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Boy's Back

Looks like Councilman Mike Touhey won't be the biggest guy in West Covina for much longer.

According to this, there's gonna be a new Bob's Big Boy in town.

(Warning: the linked article above refers to the area as an "evolving downtown landscape." I believe that's a typo and the "d" is missing in front of the "e" in "evolving", plus the area is not really the alleged downtown area)

It's taking over the building deserted by Chevy's "Fine" Mexican food restaurant. "Fine" is in quotes because the "food" made me want to "vomit."

The Big Boy was in town up until 1994 then left. To be perfectly honest, I've only went into a Big Boy once (that doesn't sound right, does it?) and that was on my way to Vegas in a little town called Hesperia in the high desert. They call it the high desert because there's a lot of meth there.

Anyway, I remember the food being subpar, but a helluva improvement on Chevy's. If you want some killer Mexican food in West Covina, I STRONGLY, HIGHLY recommend Senor Baja on Glendora Avenue, or Ghost Town West Covina, as I like to call it. Best. Fish Tacos. Ever.

I consider myself a connoisseur, if you will, of fish tacos. I've been all over the land, from the Frisco Bay, to Baja California, and the best fish tacos are right here in the San Gabriel Valley. Yes! Even better than Ensenada. I want to drown in the fish batter and eat my way out.

For the old schoolers, Senor Baja used to be called El Taco Nazo. In fact, the location in Baldwin Park still is called El Taco Nazo, but the fishy goodness is all the same: just the right amount of cabbage and sauce, and fish fried to a crispy brown. Hold on a sec... I think I'm drooling.

So what the hell is this post supposed to be about?

Whatever, man. I'm goin' to Senor Baja. I'll be the guy in the corner in the food coma, sauce all over his face and cabbage on his shirt. Just shake me awake so I could finish my meal.

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