Friday, July 25, 2008


What did I say?

Got home last night and guess what was in the mail? That's right: Discover West Covina.

And what was on the cover? Yup: Big League Dreams.

Before anyone starts telling me, "Big League Dreams isn't the only thing on the cover, wha, wha, wha." 'Tis true. In the last year, BLD graced the cover of Discover West Covina four times-- That's about 33%.

However, there is not ONE single subject that gets more press in the newsletter than BLD. What about the new soccer fields? Didn't that deserve the star treatment this month?

The planning and community service commissions voted to redo Orangewood Park to include soccer fields for almost 2,000 youth soccer league players. In case you didn't know it, the league, which has been around for a gazillion years, never had a bona fide soccer field on which to play. NEVER. I think that is more interesting than BLD and its "success."

Look, I'm sure a lot of people use it. I'm not doubting that, but we're spending like $1.3 million a year on that damn thing, and in the meantime, we're making cuts to public safety and across the board.

While Discover West Covina tells us how many people go to BLD, how much money its making for the city is conspicuously missing.

Before I get accused of drinking too much Haterade, I do have plans to make Discover West Covina cheaper, if the city continues to insist on publishing it.

1. It doesn't need to be glossy. In fact, why isn't it on recycled paper? I looked for the little recycling symbol and it wasn't there. Yes, I know recycled paper can come in glossy, but I don't think the newsletter is one of those.

2. Make it online only! The Community Recreation Guide in online only now.

3. Take a survey: How many people will be torn up inside if they don't get it monthly or quarterly? Maybe those who really want it can subscribe to it, and those of us who end up just tossing it won't be getting it in the mail. I'm sure the postage costs will decrease significantly.

Those are my ideas. Since Councilwoman Shelley Sanderson is now a Watcher reader, maybe she can take those ideas to her colleagues. The rest of the council can be readers, too, but she's the only one with the cojones to post, even if she disagrees with me. I like her spunk. And her sense of humor.

Don't think the Watcher's getting soft, but you can't deny her cuteness :-)


the commish said...

The newsletter is a valuable resource and people like it. I make a living writing similar newsletters and they leave more of an impression than you obviously think. I like the newsletter and I hope it stays!

edgewood insider said...

talk about no balls. what's your name? MR. HYPOCRISY! at least shelley uses her real name.should i call you gen. wild bill donovan ( master of spy's) or bob's big boy. that's right bit** you have been called out. So go ahead take your F***ing comments and stick um up your F***ing As*

P.S.BLD Rules

West Covina Watcher said...

Hey, thanks Edgewood Insider for your well-thought out and classy remarks. I could tell you're a gentleman and a scholar from your asshole to your collar.

edgewood insider said...

Ok i was little out line. sorry let's move point is that you hide behind a computer. if you want to who i am just come to next council meeting and ask for some one who went edgewood and played inside linebacker.