Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For Those About to Rock....

We Salute You!

And who, exactly, will be doing some rockin'?

That would be the Sangria Band and hopefully lots and lots of West Covina residents at the Summer Concerts in the Lakes Entertainment Center.

The city is kicking off the Summer Concerts TOMORROW at 7 p.m. Every Thursday until August 28, the city's Community Services Department promises another night of rock 'n' roll, but you'll have to get your sex and drugs elsewhere. Maybe Baldwin Park Unified Board Member Sergio Corona knows where.

This Thursday is the Sangria Band, followed by Opa Opa, Chico, Mariachi Divas, Proud Mary, The Answer, Cold Duck and Soul Sacrifice. Not in that order, though. More details are here.

I'm one of those lame people who go to a bunch of these summer concerts with my fold-out chair and blanket and kids. I used to hate those people. Now I'm one of them.

I'm just glad the summer concerts aren't going to be the latest casualty in the budget cuts.


The Commish said...

Thanks, West Covina Watcher, for posting something POSITIVE about the city for once. I'm sorry I linked to your page without your permission. I just wanted people to read about the concerts.

Besides, do you have anything better to do than to sit around thinking of ways to annoy people?

alwbdk said...

Lets comment on the removal of televise council meeting. The City Manager decided that this is to costly, but who does his math? The City manager reported that the cost of televising the council meeting is approximately $180,000/year. The City manager also acknowledge that the city publish 35000 copies of the Discover West covina magazine every month. If you conservatively estimate the cost of publishing the Discover West Covina @ approximately $1.75 + .41 postage=$2.16 each. or 35000X2.16 X 12mn=$907,200/yr. The City Manager also indicated that they could cut back on the publication, wilt a 2/3 cut back there would still be a publishing cost $302,400. The City Manager needs a lesson in economic, but we all know that printed new is history and can be easly manipulated is to the advantage to the Council, real time council meeting is not good exposure. Bring back televise council meeting the budget would be better off and snuff the publication.

A. Williams