Monday, July 7, 2008

Think Green

This post is Leftovers from City Hall got me thinking. No, I don't praise the council enough on the decisions it makes. In fact, I criticize more than anything else.

But, it did do something a while back that wasn't publicized too much, which considering the state of our planet at the moment, is a bit of a mystery to me, that I whole-heartedly agree with: going green.

As a hybrid driver himself, Mayor Pro Tem Roger Hernandez requested last year that the city create a policy where city purchases, including vehicles, are economically friendly.

It passed 4-0.

Congratulations, City Council. I should have gave you kudos a lot sooner, but I didn't have the blog then. Councilman Mike Touhey likes to think my sole purpose for the blog is to take swipes at the council. That's not entirely true.

It's just a fringe benefit.

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