Monday, July 28, 2008

I Feel Like Perez Hilton!

Hey, Watcher readers. In case you missed it, a fine, classy person who uses the handle "Edgewood Insider" gave me my very first Hate Mail! I'm so proud I could piss. The aforementioned Insider states:

"talk about no balls. what's your name? MR. HYPOCRISY! at least shelley uses her real name.should i call you gen. wild bill donovan ( master of spy's [sic]) or bob's big boy. that's right bit** you have been called out. So go ahead take your F***ing comments and stick um up your F***ing As* P.S.BLD Rules"

With the last bit there, I could deduct the writer in question is a 13-year-old angst-ridden boy. Remember when you were that age and you wrote all over your Pee Chee folder: "Metallica Rules!"? Well, some of you may be a bit older or younger than me, but I came of age in the era of Beavis and Butthead, and well, the Insider's rant takes me back to that simpler time. Thanks, friend.

Also, I'd like to address once again why I don't reveal my true identity. Does Batman? Spider-man? Superman? No. They don't, mostly to protect themselves. I'm doing the same. The people in power in West Covina wield a lot of it and frankly, I don't want my family getting harassed or anything simply because the people in power don't like what I say.

I realize I'm comparing myself to comic book heroes, but give me a break. I just saw Dark Knight for the third time.


joe said...
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edgewood.insider said...

It was not hate mail it was just my way of getting your attention.however i should be more professional about bad.i did not think you were going overreact.nice picture of me.

West Covina Watcher said...

If you've read all my posts you'd know how I operate. I love to poke fun, and since you're the first person to be so angry, I had to highlight it. I didn't take it personally so don't worry about it. Be as profane as you want to be :-)