Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mom n Pop vs. Chains

The greatest thing, I think, about living in West Covina is the variety of restaurants. I love that I would have to kind of drive out of the way to a fast food joint and I have a cornucopia of choices that are either Mom n Pops, or chains.

I decided to take a break today from giving the City Council a literary brow beating and focus on my readers, to try to get them involved in something they can all agree on: FOOD!

So, I'll start with listing my favorite Mom n Pop eatery, followed by my favorite chain:

1. The Chicken Box on Glendora Avenue. Basically, if you slathered a volleyball in good barbecue sauce, I'll probably eat it. Don't get me wrong, though, the chicken is superb! In fact, any dead animal on my plate will brighten the Watcher's mood even in the bleakest of times. Isn't that why we eat so much after funerals?

2. BJs Brewery. I also love a good beer and the spicy avocado rolls were made by the Gods. Oh, but don't forget about their pizza, its soft crust and melty cheese. Oh, and the Pazookie. Whoever thought of that is obviously a stoner, I'm just glad he/she remembered to make some for the rest of us.

Now, it's your turn. Don't be shy.


the commish said...

I think anyone who knows me also knows how I feel about One World Vegetarian Cuisine on Glendora Ave. That is def. my fave mom and pop. It can be tough being a vegetarian and finding a good restaurant nearby, but this place makes it easy!

My fave. chain is elephant bar because I loves the veggie-friendly meals and the girly drinks.

Anonymous said...

There's so much to choose from. I'd have to say may favorite small place is probably Anna's Pizza because their pizza ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! My favorite chain is ......... I guess it would have to be HOOTERS!!! For the wings of couse.

Anonymous said...

My favorite mom & pop would have to be Seafood Bay, at the Lakes Entertainment Plaza, although One World Vegetarian, and Old World Deli in the Eastland Center next to Albertsons would be close behind.

As for a chain, I'm voting for In&Out Barranca South of the 10.

One Veg World said...

Hi, WC Watcher,
We're right on the same strip as your fav mom and pop. Hope you'll drop in to try us some time :)

Thanks The Commish for listing us :)

Best wishes,
One Veg World

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